The Curse of Knowledge: Why Your Expertise Is Killing Your Sales

When you work with a product or provide a service on a regular basis, you begin to forget what it's like not working with the product or providing the service. This is essentially the curse of knowledge. Here's what you can do to stop it from plaguing your business.

How To Win More Customers With Storytelling For Business

By now everyone recognizes storytelling as an important part of content marketing...and that’s pretty much where it stops. We hear buzzwords like “customer onboarding” and “customer journey” being thrown around all the time, but to put it simply, the effort put into these “experiences” won’t reap massive rewards unless they’re united by an overarching goal or purpose -- essentially, your brand story.

Brand Identity Design | The Difference Between Visuals And Strategy

Brand strategy stems from communication - ALL forms of it. Design is just one aspect of the way a brand communicates with the outside world and most importantly, it's clients. For entrepreneurs who want to leave a lasting impression, it's important to know and understand this difference.

3 Must Haves When Marketing to Millennials (Even If You Are One)

Marketing to Millennials: If you want to ensure your business’s future success, you need to look to the future generation that will be powering purchasing decisions. And that generation is the millennials...