5 Storytelling Techniques That Will Skyrocket Your Sales

5 Storytelling Techniques That Will Skyrocket Your Sales

After you read this, storytelling will be your secret sauce sales tactic.

Check it out...

A guy named Alex started a company called Groove a few years ago. His product was a customer support software that competed with Zendesk, FreshDesk and LiveAgent.

He went through the usual ups and downs of startuphood, eventually growing his team and leaving the basement the company was raised in.

But then, he hit a snag. He wasn't retaining customers, sales weren't coming in as easily as they used to, and his executive team was constantly battling over what to do to save the company from tanking.

Alex had been blogging for a while, but wasn't serious about it until these challenges came up. He knew he needed a way to make his company stand out... to humanize his business and build a community around himself and his product.

So he and his team decided to go all in with content marketing. They came up with a well thought-out content strategy and they executed it consistently.

Soon enough their audience began to grow, and sales grew with it.

They brought customers along on their journey and Alex was very transparent about the company's performance (sales, support and product). He even shared some of his personal struggles he faced as a tech CEO. 

Where is Alex today? He's celebrated as an authority figure in the content marketing world and his Saas company is doing extremely well because of it.

He even launched an e-course for his audience in content marketing that has absolutely nothing to do with his Saas company... but he's making tons of money off of it and enjoying every minute of it.

What does this have to do with you and your blog or business?

The answer? Everything.

People constantly say that transparency is the new thing in the tech world, which is partially true, but what they really mean by transparency is storytelling.

Stay with me... :)

Open, honest, transparent, ethical... These are all adjectives that can describe your larger brand story, but they're just single elements, they aren't the big picture.

Story marketing in tandem with your brand story will revolutionize the way you look at both branding and marketing.


So how can you get started using some of the tactics Alex and other savvy business owners use to boost engagement and skyrocket sales through their blog?

The solutions are shockingly simple:

1. Include a true story or non-promotional case study (like I did in this post!)

When you choose to strategically include characters your audience can relate to,

2. Create a fictional scenario to illustrate your point

When you choose to strategically include characters your audience can relate to, you're more likely to keep their attention.

We as humans are drawn to satisfying conclusions so if your scenario can give your audience a satisfying conclusion that also helps them solve their problems, they're more likely to trust you (and like you).

It's a win-win.

3. Remember to appeal to the senses

The more vivid and descriptive your writing, the better. Now, I don't mean checking thesaurus.com every two seconds for alternatives to generic words. (The majority of Americans read at a fourth grade level, just FYI, so it's best to keep it simple!)

Use your regular vocabulary to bring your writing to life, but keep the six senses in mind while you're writing.

If you're blogging about your home office, mention the soft hint of lemongrass essential oil you've been trying out in your new oil diffuser. If you blog about food, make your readers hungry by describing what the food will taste like when it's ready to be eaten.

And if you're blogging about business, like a lot of us are, show us what you're talking about. Include useful pictures and visuals to keep us more engaged.

4. Put a shocking spin on a cliche

What if Eric turned into a mermaid instead of Ariel losing her tail? Does Jasmine show Aladdin a whole new world on her magic carpet? Feminism is hot right now and I can see these memes happening already.

Figure out a way to take something outdated, cliche or overused in your niche and put a fresh spin on it. Use it as part of your story. Not only does this technique grab attention right off the bat, it typically makes people laugh (if done well).

If you use this technique, let me know what you come up with in the comments!

5. Infuse your posts with emotion

This post is pretty lighthearted, but not every niche gets to be sweet all the time. If you're comfortable getting gloomy you can play into the pains of your customers, illustrating every painful thing about the problem you or your business solves for them (drive that knife into their already open wound). Use sarcasm to make them feel like they're missing something in life without your solution in it. This is one way to make prospective customers crave your products and services as if they're the only solution available.

OR you could use a sunnier approach and show your customers what life is like on the other side.

Compare and contrast the lives between two of your ideal customer, one using your product and one doing things a different way. Show the customer using your product enjoying life and the other guy hating it. 

Use music as much as you can in your videos (piano always gets me) and get vivid with your descriptions, appealing to as many senses as you can (going back to technique #3).

And there you have it. 5 Storytelling techniques that will increase engagement and skyrocket your sales.

But now, this story has come to a close. As always friends, keep storytelling top of mind when you sit down to write your blog posts and drop a comment below about your own entrepreneurial journey.

Until next time,

Jorden Lacy

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