Choosing Which Social Channel to Dominate

You can’t win them all... dominate your niche.

This is the truth whether you've made it big or you're just starting out. There's a misconception that you need to have an account on every social media site if you want to reach a larger audience. Not true.

Kylie Jenner is the Queen of Snapchat, and even with her large and engaged Instagram following, she isn't the Queen of Instagram (or Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest). Of course, she's famous from her family's reality TV show so people naturally flock to her accounts, but the point I'm trying to make is that, no matter how big or famous you are, you can't win them all. And this holds especially true for someone who is just starting out.


You may not buy into Kylie's Lip Kit craze, but she's made a killing focusing on the channels she knows she dominates by giving exclusive announcements and behind-the-scenes looks on her Snapchat only.

This is what you need to figure out. Which social media channel will be the most effective for your tribe and allow you to really connect with your audience?


This is not a necessity when you're first starting out, especially as a creative. Facebook is important once you're ready to start running Facebook ads, but more often than not it can be a waste of energy that could be better used elsewhere. It's always a good idea to secure your handle (your brand name) on a larger network like Facebook so that once you are ready to start running ads or inviting fans to like your page, it's already secured and ready for new posts. 


Twitter recently shifted it's focus to breaking news and announcements. As a creative, Twitter isn't something you need to worry about until you're ready to start an Influencer Outreach campaign. But I'll save that talk for later...


Ahhh, Instagram. If you're a creative you're probably already showcasing your skills on Instagram. You don't need me to tell you that this is one of the best networks to be on if you're passionate about something and want to share it with the world. BUT, the difference between someone who expands their work and starts attracting clients to their page, over someone who is just showcasing a hobby to family and friends, is outreach and engagement. Super important if you want to be seen, heard and eventually sought after in your industry.


Another great avenue for creatives looking to build a following and eventually sell their work. The team behind Pinterest is slowly growing their brand and making it easier for businesses to advertise and sell products through their site. Pinterest tends to attract people who already appreciate creativity so as a creative why would you not want to start attracting clients here?

Wrap Up

The bottom line is: go where your tribe hangs out. If your potential customer/client is there (in high volume), you want to be there and have a strong presence. Rank each social media channel based on importance/relevance and start with the top two. It's always a good idea to secure your branded username on the other channels in case you decide to expand into them later. Once you've decided which channel you're going to dominate first, come up with a social strategy and stick to it. Consistency is key when trying to grow your tribe.

Thanks for checking in! Was this article helpful? What did I miss? Let me know in the comments. 

CopywritingJorden Lacy