How To Win More Customers With Storytelling For Business

If you’re a business owner or a marketer, you’ve probably heard that storytelling is an important part of marketing... but (and please email me if I’m wrong - nobody is teaching how to tell stories! The effort you put into your marketing won’t reap massive rewards unless it’s united by an overarching goal or purpose - your brand story.

What is a story brand?

A story brand is a business that has fully thought through its mission, clearly communicated its WHY, empowered its customers to achieve their end goals, and most importantly, a story brand is a business that creates a beautiful mutually beneficial relationship with its customers rather than a “deal.” 


Story brands recognize the overall lifetime value of a customer and prioritize this over the instant gratification of a quick sale. The end result is more sales, more happy customers, more repeat customers and a happier healthier organization. 

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Why create a story brand?

It was once thought that building an amazing product or offering an incredible service was enough to make customers come pouring in. It’s safe to say that many entrepreneurs are starting to see through this unrequited promise. 

You can have the BEST product on the market and still FAIL. But why? Aren’t people attracted to quality?

No. In the age of reality TV, it's safe to say people are not attracted to quality (I love a good 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' marathon on E every once in a while!). 

People are drawn to clarity and consistency.

Now that there’s so much clutter and content online, only the clearest communicators survive. Not the best products, not the prettiest faces, not the company who’s been around for 100 years.

The company whose story aligns with the goals and identity of its customer base WINS.

It’s that simple. Ready to start the transformation? Yea? Let’s do this...

Creating your own story

The Viral Story Blueprint helps you create a brand story that will hook, sell and impress potential customers with ease!