Jump into these easy guides for beginners to learn the crucial role storytelling plays in the success of a business, campaign, team, speech... you name it!


Guide 1: What makes a story... a story?

Before you begin your brand story journey, you'll need to be able to answer this question. This guide deck will introduce you to the foundation of a story and explain what turns a concept, idea, video, etc into a story?



Guide 2: What makes a brand story, well... a brand story

In this guide you'll see the foundation of a story applied to a business. Look at examples of rockstar brands with powerful brand stories and get the 411 on why it worked for them, PLUS tips on creating your OWN brand story. 


Guide 3: Live long and prosper...

The Hero's Journey (aka Monomyth) was created by Joseph Campbell a looooong time ago. It's a totally rad formula for creating a memorable, enjoyable story. This is just one of those foundational things you have to know in order to be a great storyteller. 


"I’m always recommending this because storytelling is so so important. Viral Story really saved our asses! Rebranding a 20 year old business with a stale look and bland messaging was a major challenge. The Viral Story blueprint guided us through it all."

- Jessica Barrera, Director of Marketing @ Confidential